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This is what needs to be done

Between a rock and a hard place… On the one hand I do not want the Brits to leave. I like them and the union is better with them – for all of us. On the other hand, they do get on my nerves. Special treatments, always complaining and only in it for the money. What ever they chose, I wish them the best of luck! And however the referendum turns out: The whole Brexit debate highlights very real and very urgent challenges for the EU. There are serious issues the EU needs to deal with, and I will point them out for you at the end of this article. But first: Pictures!










What the EU needs to sort out:

1: Immigration from outside the EU

People across Europe are scared by immigration. Quite understandably, though only remotely reasonably. On the other hand, immigration is a fact, as the international gap between rich and poor exist. A common border, a common law for immigration – is this what the union needs?


2: Immigration within the EU (see „two speeds“)

Free movement of labour and goods is a basic priciple, but this must not lead to instability of parts of the EU. Stronger parts of the union should help weaker reagions, so that in the long run wealth gaps will narrow. How can we manage this process?


3: Democracy

Taking back control (see „Independence)
What happened to the principle of subsidiarity? Of course it is most unfortunate if unelected bureaucrats decide over the people of Europe. But a democratic organisation does not need to be a series of national sub-organisations, but can be managed locally.


4. Independence

A Europe of regions is what one of Europes most outspoken supporters, former German chancelor Helmut Kohl had in mind. Yes, this means Catalonia, Scotland, Flandres etc being given more power and, if they want it, Babaria. Thus nationalist tendencies would be adressed in a united approach. Why not pick up this idea again? Because some are afraid to lose power, when actually it is all about giving the power back to people?


5. Two speeds

So some want to go further, some do not. Accept it, have two lanes on the European Autobahn, as long as we are travelling in the same direction. It is very hard if not impossible to have such a big and diverse group of travelers going the same speed without some being axhausted and some being frustrated by the slow progress.


6. Islam and European identity

Create an idea of Europe, making it more than an economic enterprise. A European cultural ideal or idea, which is above all religions. So any religion is invited, yet all have to follow the same guidelines. Is this a European Leitkultur? Yes. What is wrong with it? Let Europe be a club for everyone, with the best and wisest club rules in the world.


So this would be my Europe. What do YOU think? Tell me here!

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